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Leather patches are far less current than the other features we have like embroidered patches or PVC patches, but they have a simple appeal and signature look that can’t be recreated in any other design.If you and your crew are searching for something that’s exclusive, that stands out from the crowd, and that has a storied history in artisanship, then our artificial leather patches are excellent for you.


Woven patches are excellent for anybody trying to acquire all of the details in their designs with accuracy. Embroidered patches have a more classical, layered touch to them, woven patches have a horizontal surface and seamless appearance. 

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 PVC (polyvinyl chloride). material used to create soft PVC patches is similar to rubber by the touch and look, resulting in a durable designs you won't be able to find in other patches. This style of patch captures the smallest detail.


chenille patches are nostalgic. whoever sees one will automatically be brought back to back to high school seeing the letterman worn by the upper classmen and athletes while letter patches are certainly the most common use for chenille, they aren’t the only reasons to invest in this unique patch type.


Gives you the ability to capture the tiniest of detail that can't be captured from other patches like embroidery and woven.


An embroidered patch, also called a cloth badge, is a piece of embroidery which is built by utilizing a fabric backing and thread.The art of creating embroidered patches is an old tradition that is timeless.

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