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Printing Services

We offer a variety of ink and printing styles to best fit each clients' designs.
Don't know what you need? No worries! Check out what we have to offer, then head over to our Contact page to request more information about our services.




Discharge printing uses an interesting substance that bleaches and prints over the area for your design. This makes the design an actual dyed-in part of the fabric. 

Water based printing leaves your design as soft as the fabric it’s printed on. Like discharge, this ink prints into the shirt instead of on top. Water based is used on lighter material than discharge.


Plastisol is the Superman of inks. It’s the industry standard and strong enough to withstand many washes. Plastisol ink allows for bright color and great detail.


Sublimation printing is similar to direct to garment. Instead of printing to the material, the design is printed on transfer paper and heat pressed onto the fabric.


Simulated process makes your designs come to life using 5-8 colors to create a realistic print. The results are as close to the original artistic image as possible.