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Special Effects

Want your design to really pop? We offer a variety of extra processes that will add dimension and texture in your designs. Click “See More” to check out our options!

Foiling is a process in which we heat press a metallic coating onto the ink of your print. The finished product is a polished and reflective effect that really attracts attention to your product.

Puffing is a process that adds a soft and fluffy feel to the ink in your design. This gives your product a noticably three-dimensional finish.

Glow in the dark is exactly what it sounds like... it's ink that glows in the dark. This ink has a slightly green tint due to its phosphorescent quality. This effect will help your design stand out in any and all lighting.

Faux suede is a similar process to "puffing". While puffing the ink leaves the design feeling soft and fluffy, faux suede raises the ink and gives it a fuzzy, suede leather appearance. Can be used as a cheaper alternative to embroidery.

High density ink adds texture and depth to your print. This feature prints the ink to be more raised off of the garment, resulting in a durable, opaque, three-dimensional finish.

Like what you see? Let us know and request a quote!

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